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Easter Sunday 2015 changed my life…literally.  After meeting my niece for the first time and finally spending time with my brother and sister-in-law on Easter Sunday, we stopped by Ruby Tuesdays for Easter Sunday dinner.  I’d always wanted to try Ruby Tuesdays and it was the perfect time.  After eating some ribs and broccoli, and later that night, I literally felt like I was dying.  I didn’t know if it was food poisoning or just really bad heart burn, but I felt like I was dying.  I took some Tylenol to relieve the pain and save myself from the ER and the pain subsided after 24 hours.  There was a dull pain over the next few days but by the following Sunday it had fully subsided, sooooo I went ahead and indulged in…..fried chicken :-/.  Worst mistake EVER.  The pain would not subside and the next morning I drove my son to school with my 3-month old daughter in the backseat and I got about halfway home and couldn’t even drive for vomiting dark forest green bile.  I pulled over to the neighborhood cleaners and let loose into a Home Depot bag and prayed to just make it home.  I was so scared because I had my 3-month old daughter, sweet Johanna, with me and I just wanted her home safe and sound.  I pulled into the driveway and immediately dialed my mom (who lives with us in her in-law quarters) and she came running to me.

Fast forward an hour later, I was rushed to ER and diagnosed with pancreatitis caused by a gallbadder full of stones :(.  I am athletic and my eating habits could be better, but I always justified eating bad by eating good, too.  That wasn’t good enough!  Not to mention my crash diets using Phentermine and then gaining the weight back and some more! My the pressure I’d put on my body so ignorantly.  I never thought this could happen to me.

So, while in the hospital away from my beautiful family, suffering in pain, having blood drawn and hooked up to an IV, I decided to make a life change.  I decided to dedicate my life and my family’s life to being healthier.  Seriously this time. And to devote myself to a gluten-free diet.

If you’ve found yourself wanting to make the transition and can relate, please leave a comment and let’s support each other!  Today I ate some applesauce (with no sweeteners added) for breakfast, a spinach salad with roasted chicken and lite extra virgin olive oil and lemon zest and for dinner a plate of broccoli and cauliflower with gluten-free ranch.  Now keep in mind, most people will need much more, but I’m still in pain from the acute pancreatitis so being able to eat that much is good for me right now.  Stay tuned for recipes and more on my progress 🙂

Back 2 the basics :)

So, I decided that I kinda sorta just a little jumped the gun and wasn’t very detailed from the very start of my online business.

I knew I wanted to start an online business because of the freedom it lends to me as a mother in college and working full-time.  Also, an online business truly offers the opportunity to be a global company without a lot of expense of a brick and mortar corporation.

Below are some of the initial steps you’ll want to take to be successful in your online business venture:

E-commerce platforms:  I first searched e-commerce platforms.  There’s so much to choose from and it can be overwhelming to a newbie.  There’s Big Commerce, Volusion, Shopify, WordPress (my favorite) and then there’s SquareSpace, Storenvy, Moonfruit and the list goes on.  I ultimately chose WordPress because of the ease of use, free themes, & ability to easily make changes for a newbie like myself.

Themes:  There are a ton of themes to choose from as well.  I initially chose an e-commerce theme from but then elected a FREE theme that has worked wonderfully for me.  You can find it here.

Shopping cart:  You’ll need to chose a shopping cart platform to process payments.  I have started out with Paypal until I get my feet wet with online selling & then may branch out.  Authorize Net seems to be popular as well.  I have Woo Commerce installed as a plug-in on my theme and they also offer shopping cart options for a fee.

You’re almost in business with these three items!  {Given you already have your product ready to sell; that’s another post!}

Shipping:  Have you researched what shipping service you will use?  The big 4 are FedEx, UPS, DHL & USPS.  I personally have only used USPS so far because of their relatively cheap rates compared to the other big 3.  I can ship a flat rate box, which can fit up to two pillow cases, anywhere for only $5.80.

Don’t forget you need to get a business license, set up a business checking or savings account & get a reseller’s permit (if applicable).  Don’t know how?  Stay tuned.  I’ll walk you through it 🙂

Update! Beginning successes & struggles of online business :)



Dear Diary,

A lot has happened since my last entry!  I got my first 4 sales!  2 from Ebay and 2 from Etsy.  They all came in one day…but nothing since.  Some of the promotions I have used thus far have been:

Pinterest – promote my Etsy items through &  I have also bought Etsy ads at $7/week.  The Etsy ads have not been successful for me so far (only 2 days in).  Over 700 people have searched for my tag words (throw pillow, pillow, etc.) but only TWO people have clicked on my Ads…huh :-/? 

I currently have my items listed in 4 different marketplaces:

Bonanza, Ebay, Etsy, – the most successful thus far, IMO, is Etsy.

I have also clipped my products onto Polyvore and created sets which gets my products listed onto Polyvore & links back to my site!  Free!

I am considering doing Wholesale & Retail for the products I design.  Today I signed up for a wholesale account with Etsy, but they have a 2 week wait period for an answer as to whether the application has been approved or declined.

Another option I am considering is signing up on the Sears marketplace.  It’s $39/month to sell on their marketplace…hmmm, not sure yet.

I just downloaded an awesome marketing book at  It starts out with kind of, yeah I already know this stuff, but at about page 5 she really starts to hand out some good information and even name drops and provides contact information for editors and bloggers to get you noticed! 😉

The beginning of the beginning…

So, I decided the only option for me to reach personal satisfaction in life is to become what I’ve always wanted to be, an entrepreneur.  I’ve tried a couple of different stabs at entrepreneurship, but I’ve come to the conclusion that online retail works best for me and my goals.  I, like many other mothers, aspire to work from home and spend as much time as possible with my kiddo {& future kiddos :)}  I also wish to inspire women in a very unique and transparent way by telling my story and journey…from the beginning.

I have always had a passion for decorating and textiles, so it was no surprise to friends and family when the thought of came about.  I tossed around a few different names for my store, but the concept didn’t come about until I actually started designing my products.  What I realized was that inspiring women with positive messages and empowering labels is what gave me the most joy.  Thinking…a woman will display this pillow on her sofa/chair/bed with pride…a woman will wear this bracelet shouting to the world all of her positive attributes 🙂  this is my “calling.”  I absolutely enjoyed and spent every spare second possible on designing my first collection of pillows.

Now, let me also mention, I have a 10-year old son, Noah; my significant other, Damion; I’m a full-time business college student; & I work full-time in the real estate field!  But, ladies, where there is a will…THERE IS A WAY!  And I want freedom from corporate America SO bad that I am willing to sacrifice time, energy and my savings to make this happen!  And you can, too!

What I will share on my BankonMom blog is my hiccups and my successes because I truly want all of the moms and ALL women to be successful in their business ventures.  And maybe there will be some advice you can give me, too!  Let’s journey together towards financial independence!

Do Something You LOVE: Tried & True Advice

Do Something You LOVE:  Tried & True Advice

Yes, it’s true! I’m so excited to be representing and building MY brand. Not some corporate image full of red tape, conference rooms & reports! My image, my way! My message to you: YOU can do it, too!

If you spend to…

If you spend too much time perfecting and you expect everything to run perfectly, then you won’t ever do anything.

Deloris Penn

Last night I had an awesome, inspiring conversation with a very dear friend from college.  We reminded each other that the most important thing in life is to do something.  We are both businesswomen and Capricorns 🙂  Capricorns are known perfectionists and always on the climb to achieve more.  Mountain?  What mountain?

The idea comes to mind, then put it on paper.  Rough draft it.  Build ideas around the idea.  Brainstorm it.  Put a test run into action.  Try it out.  Work out the kinks.  Keep it moving.

I want all women to feel empowered to accomplish whatever dreams are in your heart.

May the desires of your heart, the essence of your destiny, come true. 🙂

“Every moment w…

“Every moment wasted looking back, keeps us from moving forward. ”
Hillary Clinton

They say hindsight is 20/20, and while I do agree with this fully, she can’t dwell on the past.  Learn from mistakes, reminisce on the good moments, and relish the present.  Look forward to your future; before you know it, it too will be your past. 🙂

I can’t believe She’s finally here!

Hi friends!  After so much hard work, soul-searching and product vetting, vamping and re-vamping, SheDecor is finally here!  My blogosphere won’t just be to inform you of the latest and greatest of SheDecor, my friends.  Tune in often {this means daily, lol} to enjoy moments of empowerment & inspiration. ‘Cause at SheDecor, that’s what we’re all about!